“Maybe we were wrong”

This one is in English for my good friends in the United States

Today after a bus ride through South Williamsburg I had an impressive meeting and encounter with Dr. Divine Pryor of the Center For Nuleadership on Urban Solutions in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn NY. He is working with formerly incarcerated people and the neighbourhood on new perspectives and public safety. He is asked by police officers, probation officers, public prosecutors, judges and even the mayor of New York to give lectures. He has established an independent police education program with experience based people from the Center for Nuleadership, attached to the NY police academy. They all did not believe that he once was incarcerated. What were they denying?
I am honoured to have this meeting after all those meetings in The Netherlands with experience based experts. Restorative Justice as a part of what the Center for Nuleadership is calling Human Justice. At a certain moment in our conversation I asked him straight from the heart: “Did anyone within the penal system at any time or ever say sorry to you?” We both silenced for a while. When I looked at him and his work admiring it so much the only thing I could come up with was: “Maybe we were wrong …..” I think it hit us both to the heart. Humane and restorative reasoning, thinking and feeling is so connective. Who on earth can stand against human justice? I recommend to you the work of Dr. Divine Pryor and the Center for Nuleadership on Urban Solutions and all the work of experience based experts, survivors of any side of the line. For more information on the work of Dr. Divine Pryor and his people at the Center for Nuleadership on Urban Solutions.